Please be Aware - Counterfeit Dresses on the Internet 
Many dreams have turned into nightmares after people have purchased their perfect designer evening dress or Prom dress at “discount prices” from unauthorised internet sellers. 
Please be aware that purchasing a Prom or Evening Dress on the Internet through a non-authorised retailer IS NOT recommended. By doing so, you are very likely to receive a counterfeit dress of much lesser quality than expected. When many of these dresses arrive, they can be poorly made, are often damaged, frequently the wrong colour and look nothing like the original sample illustrated. Indeed also lots of dresses do not arrive at all. 
We also issue these warnings to all our prospective Bridal parties who are visiting Diamond Days of Bagshot. Sadly the Bridal industry is experiencing the same conterfeit problems. So please do think twice about ordering those bridesmaid dresses that appear such a bargain. They rarely are. 
Many unscrupulous sites will in fact use the photographs produced from the original designer and give the false impression you are buying from a UK or US site. You may end up paying a lot of money for very poorly produced goods, in addition to VAT and Import Duty! 
If a shop or website is selling what appears to be a well known designer dress at a substantially lower price, please think carefully before buying. 
If you are looking to buy a dress from a specific designer, we strongly recommend that you only visit authorised retailers such as ourselves, in order to ensure that you receive the dress of your dreams, as the original designer intended!! 
DIAMOND NIGHTS & DAYS is a long established retailer of over ten years. We have sadly seen the above scenario so many times and have produced this page as a warning to all of our prospective clients. 
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